Debt Review

Credit Rescue

We provide affordable and reliable lasting debt solutions which includes Debt Mediation, Debt Review, Debt Review Removal, Administration Removal, Garnishee Order Removal and Corporate Debt Recovery.

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    Debt Management

    Debt Review – Formal restructuring of debt


    • Aimed at assisting consumers that are over-indebted or will be if no help is provided.
    • Court order protection against Assets (House/Bond, Car and Furniture).
    • No upfront fees.
    • All accounts are protected under a debt review court order.
    • No more disturbing phone calls.
    • Interests are renegotiated.

    We guarantee you an excellent, efficient service

    Benefits of Debt Review

    Under Debt Review, pay only what you can afford, with one single monthly payment.

    • Immediate Relief
    • Reduced monthly debt repayment installments
    • All living expenses are covered
    • Cheaper and affordable way to repay your debt
    • Protection against legal action

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