South Africa’s economic climate deteriorated after the world was hit by Covid-19. The country’s economy was negatively balanced before, and the widespread pandemic directly impacted an already financially strained population. A result of extreme lockdown measures resulted in many employees being placed on short time, demotions and job losses.

Government had to intervene to maintain the country’s stability, and the state had to take loans(billions) from The World Bank.

South African businesses were placed under immense strain. The looting and destruction of business premises in some of the major provinces, meant many could not recover. The heavy rain across KZN cost people their lives, their homes, and their livelihoods.

While the country was still in its recovery phase, a war between Ukraine and Russia started, impacting fuel, oil and inflation, thus further adding to an already struggling economy. Debt spiraled!!!

South Africans are traumatized emotionally and financially. Fortunately enough, with Credit Rescue in the country, seasoned and credible in the field of debt restructuring and reliable debt solutions.

Credit Rescue is able to assist with maintaining client creditworthiness, and protect assets such as homes and cars. By reducing monthly debt exposure, many families can provide food and essentials.

People are able to regain financial freedom and avoid being blacklisted.

The Credit Rescue mission is to strive towards a debt free society.